Are You Tired of Empty Tables in Your Restaurant?

Would You Like to Add Tens of Thousands to Your Annual Turnover?

As a Restaurant Owner there is nothing worse than opening your doors knowing that you have only a handful of covers booked in for the evening, and that effectively you're going to spend the next few hours working hard to make very little profit, even worse a loss. 

But you have to open because you have bookings and staff turning up...

So many restaurants are dependant on Saturday nights to keep their cashflow positive, does that sound familiar? 

But how can you entice more customers through our door?

Surely there has to be a better way?

Well if you've watched the video above and read our free Marketing Blueprint then you already know that we have come up with a strategy that will quickly allow you to grow your business...

Introducing our Complete 'Done For You' Marketing Solution ...

The Taylor Cook Chatbot...

Now you can literally put your marketing on Autopilot, sit back and watch as our BOT does all the hard work for you, bringing in new customers every day...

All you have to do is let us know what offers and competitions you want the BOT to promote for you and we'll do the rest (or rather the BOT will)!

You concentrate on delivering great food to your customers and we'll concentrate on bringing them in through the door so that your empty tables start to disappear...

How good does that sound?

So how does it work?

We build you a BOT branded for your Restaurant.

It enters in to conversations on your behalf with your customers on their laptop or smartphone as soon as they trigger it in to action, either to enter a competition or to download an offer, or even just to ask you a question.

But how do they trigger it?

There a number of ways...

  • A pop over on your web pages
  • A link in a Facebook Ad or Post
  • Commenting on a Facebook Ad or Post
  • Scanning a Messenger Code
  • A simple link on a web page

The conversation takes place inside of Facebook Messenger.

Dependent on the responses given by your potential customer, the BOT responds with appropriate information and options to steer them to take positive actions, such as to:

  • enter your competition
  • download your voucher
  • give you their contact details
  • leave a review
  • make a booking
  • share your social media content

Remember, this all happens without you getting involved!

How to Use Your BOT to Fill Your Tables...

We design your BOT to work hand in hand with your Restaurant's Facebook Page.

You use all of the strategies contained in our Blueprint to grow your Facebook Audience and then we unleash your BOT!

And we really turn up the heat to boiling point by running Facebook Ads to promote your Competitions for maximum Engagement!

Your BOT confirms the entries, delivers your vouchers to tempt entrants through your door and offers them the chance to book a table.

Crucially your BOT encourages entrants to SHARE your competition with their friends to virally explode your number of entrants...

When entrants visit you with their vouchers it even asks your happy diners to Rate & Review your restaurant online! 

And when your competition ends...

The whole process is REPEATED again, but each time you're starting with a bigger audience to market to using Messenger, Email & Facebook Audience Targetting

Your BOT literally manages your Restaurant Growth and Your Online Reputation to put a lot more money in your till ... leaving you to free to manage your service!

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Key Features Explained...

  • BOT Design & Monthly Update - initial BOT functionality design, integration testing and your restaurant branding; plus monthly updates to include your Competition & Voucher changes plus routine BOT maintenance 
  • Follow Up Sequences - automated message sequences sent via Facebook Messenger reminding your subscribers to enter your competitions, to share your posts and to redeem your vouchers by making a booking.  Your BOT will also prompt your customers to leave reviews on Social sites
  • BOT LINK Trigger - a URL link that you can add to your web site, blog posts, emails, newsletters or social media posts and ads, that when clicked on opens your BOT in their Messenger inbox 
  • BOT BUTTON Trigger - code for a Button that you can place on your web site, blog posts or etc that when clicked on will open your BOT in their Messenger inbox
  • Messenger CODE Trigger - an image of a Code that you can use on your Marketing & Promotional materials that when scanned by a Smartphone will open up your BOT in their Messenger inbox 
  • Facebook Ad & Post Triggers - we add triggers to your Facebook Ads and Posts in the form of Link, Facebook Buttons and Comment triggers to increase the opportunities for your customers to trigger your BOT sequences 
  • Customer Chat Design - we add a Customer Chat box to your web pages (see the blue Messenger icon in the corner of this page) to allow you to provide information to your customers on autopilot, including the opportunity to trigger your BOT sequences 
  • Email Collection & Follow Up - within your BOT sequences we request the email address of your customer and add it to an automated sequence of follow up emails that market and promote your restaurant, competitions, events and offers.
  • Voucher Bill Tracking - we include the tracking of the amount spent by Voucher Customers in your restaurant when the bill is presented by your waiter to allow you to track the profitability of your promotions  
  • Web Page Slide Over Trigger - we install code on your web site to allow Pop Over Ads to slide over your content to promote your Competitions and Vouchers; the adds include buttons that when clicked on open your BOT in their Messenger inbox 
  • Social Sharing - ALL of our BOT packages come with the Social Sharing request feature included as Standard to send your competitions and vouchers Viral 

Let's Get Your BOT Working for You...

Take Advantage of these Introductory 2018 Prices now (save 33%)...


Simple and Effective Starter Package




+ Initial Design Fee £795.00

  • BOT Design & Monthly Update
  • 1 Follow Up Voucher/Review Sequence
  • BOT Link Trigger 
  • Messenger Code Trigger

The Complete Growth Package




+ Initial Design Fee £1,495.00

  • Includes All BOT Ultimate features
  • Customer Chat Design & Install
  • Email Collection & Follow Up Sequence
  • Voucher Bill Amount Tracking
  • Web Page Slide Over Trigger
  • Includes £150/mth Ad Spend

Initial Design Fee is payable today, Monthly Service Fees begin in 30 Days.  We aim to have your Bot and first promotion live within 7 Days (subject to receiving Branding, Competition and Promotion details from you).  The Monthly Service can be paused, cancelled or upgraded at any time.  

Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I install the BOT?

If you purchase the Light or Ultimate packages there is no code to install on your web site, other than if you decide to add a URL link or Button to some of your pages, this is simple to do and we will help you to do it, or your web designer can do it for you.

If you purchase the Platinum package there will be a tracking code that you will need to add to the header section of all your pages. Your web designer will be able to do that for you, or if your site is built with Wordpress or another CMS we may be able to add it for you.

We would also recommend that all our clients add Facebook's Pixel to their web sites, again this is not essential but recommended and we can help you to do so. 

Who owns my Bot?

You're initial design fee is for us to take our BOT and design and brand it specifically for your restaurant's requirements. It is complex to transfer the BOT, therefore it will remain the property of TC Consultants. However, whilst you are paying the monthly maintenance fee it will be available for you to use. If you pause your payments, then the BOT will be locked pending your resumption of payments. So effectively it's yours to use every month to promote your restaurant.

Can I not update it myself?

In a word, No.  There are complex sequences and coding involved that need specialist skills to write and maintain. 

Will you need access to my Facebook Page?

If you purchase Ultimate or Platinum, then yes we will need access to your Facebook Page.  It is very easy for you to add us as a Page Editor, we will show you how to do it.  We will also need access to your Facebook Ad account in order to create your Ads for you.

Can you create my Ads for me?

Absolutely.  You provide brief details of the competition and offers you want to run and we'll write your ads for you, target them to targeted audiences and set them running for you.  Ideally you will need to provide images for the adverts. Your own images will perform much better than stock images.

How much do I pay today?

You pay the Initial Set-Up fee for your chosen package today, and then your first monthly fee will be taken every 30 days.  Did you grab our 'Discount Code' to apply at checkout?   If not, then Click Here to check for our current offer...   

What if I decide to cancel?

You can cancel at any time or simply pause your membership.  There are no minimum contract terms.  However if you cancel or pause, you cannot use your BOT to promote new competitions or offers. 

What if I decide to upgrade?

You can upgrade at any time.  You will be charged an additional amount for Set-Up plus the new monthly amount.  The additional set-up cost will be the difference between the set-up fees for the two packages.

Still Not Sure Which Package is Right For You?

Why not call Richard today for a complimentary Free Chat?

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So why not give us a call now for some expert advice, we're here to help you with absolutely no hard sell?

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