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Restaurant Marketing & Sales

Business Growth Plans

Let Taylor Cook help you to put together Business Plans for your restaurant...

Richard Taylor is a Management Accountant who now specialises in business marketing; his skill sets are the perfect combination for generating achieveable growth plans.

Richard will start by establishing where you want your restaurant to be in the future and then complete a thorough analysis of where your business is today.  Having identified the gap that needs to be bridged, Richard will break down your business and for each area will identify clear actions that need to be taken to achieve the results you desire in a given time frame...

If you want to take your Restaurant results to the next level, then let Richard help you to put an achievable road map in place to take you to your goals.

Brand Definition

How you position your restaurant in the marketplace will have a huge influence on the success you can achieve.

Richard and Shaun will work with you identify your strengths and weaknesses, then use those to determine your where your value proposition should be positioned for maximum success. 

Just like Business Planning, your Brand definition and Positioning are determined by working through a series of logical steps.  We'll guide you through the process and help you to achieve strong brand and attractive offering that will bring more customers through your door. 

Web Design & SEO

Having a well designed web site is about a lot more than just how your site looks.

Your site needs to look good but it also has to be easy to navigate, provide the information your customers are looking for, be mobile friendly and rank well in the search engines. 

Your web site has one purpose... to bring in reservations and customers, therefore it needs to be found easily, it needs a simple way to book a table and it needs to provide information on your hours and menus quickly. 

We can help you with your design and seo to increase the number of reservations you're currently getting... 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a huge opportunity for any restaurant.

Think of Social Media this way, it's today's most powerful form of 'Word of Mouth'.

In the old days, when someone enjoyed a dining experience they would tell a few of their friends whereas today a quick 10 second post before they're even out of your door can reach hundreds of people in seconds...

If you haven't already, then you definitely must download our FREE Guide 'the Ultimate Restaurant Marketing Blueprint', it contains some really cutting edge strategies for building your audience and attracting them through your door.

With our online marketing strategies you'll never be short of customers again...

Reputation Management

Just as Social Media can be a powerful marketing tool, it can also be devastating for your restaurant... it only takes one bad review to stop new customers coming through your door.

That's why it's absolutely crucial that you encourage happy customers to leave online reviews and ensure that customers who are less than satisfied have their issues addressed as quickly as possible.

Our Front of House best practices and Reputation Management tools will help you to ensure that your Restaurant's Reputation will flourish and attract new customers... 

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We offer all potential clients a complimentary free 45 minute consultation.  Depending on location, we can either meet in person or have a chat on Skype.  We'll listen to your needs, offer some initial advice and run through how we think we can help you going forward.

So why not give us a call now to gain some expert advice and find out more about how we can help you?

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