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Restaurant Marketing Strategies pdf

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Restaurants in 2019

If you're looking to get the new year off to a flyer in your restaurant, then our Free Ultimate Restaurant Marketing Blueprint is just what you need.

The guide contains cutting edge marketing strategies for bringing both new and existing customers in through your doors on a regular basis.

It provides proven tactics for attracting customers via social media, and combines them with the latest technology that very few restaurants are using to actually turn your online followers in to paying customers.

Reputation Management and Your Marketing

In section 1, we talk about the importance of reputation management in this digital age.  We discuss how just one bad review can destroy your reputation and impact your bookings in hours of it being written online.

We include tactics that will give you a competitive advantage to ensure that no customers leave your restaurant or cafe with the intention of leaving a bad review.  We make sure you identify any customers who are not 100% happy before they have a chance to walk out of your door.

You'll also learn how to use technology to help you manage your restaurant's reputation and boost the number of positive online reviews that you receive.

Reputation management is a crucial element of your marketing mix.  When you do it well it makes marketing your restaurant much easier.  Get it wrong and no matter how hard you try with the rest of your marketing efforts, you'll struggle.

Delighting all of your customers is your ultimate priority, then marketing becomes a whole lot easier!

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Eating out is a social activity.  Social media is therefore the perfect medium for marketing your restaurant.

In section 2, we show you how to build your audience and grab engagement on Facebook in particular, but having a presence on all of the leading social media platforms is important.

People love to share their experiences on social media.  We share where we eat, who we eat with, both in words and pictures.

So it's important that you encourage and incentivise your customers to tell people about your restaurant and share it online via posts, photos and reviews. 

You'll learn specific tactics for engaging your diners and building your audience of raving fans. 

We'll then show you how to get your offers and events in front of as many as your fans eyes as possible.  It's no longer as easy as simply posting content to your page as only a very small percentage of your fans actually see it!  But don't worry, we'll show you how to reach them and engage them, and use them to grow your audience further!

How to turn Your Restaurant Marketing VIRAL

In section 3, things get exciting!

You'll learn how to get your offers shared by your fans for free, and importantly we'll show you how to do it without breaking Facebook's terms and conditions and risking being banned (a lot of your competitors are taking this risk and may regret it soon).

When your events and offers are shared by everyone the exposure your restaurant will get is huge, couple that exposure with the 'right' offer and your bookings will go through the roof.

Messenger Marketing for Restaurants

Finally, you'll learn how to combine the latest marketing technology with your offers and events to achieve viral sharing, table bookings and reputation management!  It doesn't get any better than this!

None of your rivals are doing what we teach you in this final section; this literally is a Game Changing opportunity for you to get ahead of the crowd and fill your empty tables on autopilot.

We show you how to use Messenger technology to build you audience, deliver your viral offers, encourage actual bookings and follow up with online review requests.

This tactic is literally the only marketing tactic you'll need to use to fill your restaurant every month, it's literally that powerful.

So how do you get started?

Simply download our Free Restaurant Marketing Strategies pdf by clicking on the button below and 10 minutes from now you'll have the knowledge to take your restaurant to the next level and leave your competition behind ...

Restaurant Marketing Strategies pdf

Or to book a free 45 minute consultation with Richard, visit our Restaurant Marketing Consultant page...

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