Will Your Restaurant Take Advantage of the Festive Period?

For the vast majority of restaurants in the UK, December is by far the most profitable month of the year, to the point where many owners rely on it to actually realise a profit for the year.

Special Christmas menus & boozy parties increase margins considerably and empty tables are a rarity for a couple of weeks in the run up to Christmas, but are you making the most of the opportunity in your restaurant?

Which opportunity am I talking about?

The chance to build your Audience for 2019 and the opportunity to give your customers, many of them new, an incentive to return again in the New Year?

December is a massive opportunity for you to build your email list, phone list and Messenger list so that you can market your special events and offers in 2019.

Phone numbers are easy to collect at the time of booking, or are they?

If someone books a party of 10 for example, you'll only collect the phone number of the party booker... and maybe get their email as well.

You need to be more proactive than that.  You need to collect as many contact details as possible from as many of your diners as possible!

So how are you going to do that?

What if you were to run a Competition open to all of your December diners? 

For example, let's imagine you have a table of 8 in your restaurant.  Your waiter draws to their attention the competition you're running for your December diners, the chance to win a 'Meal for Two'.  She hands them a card with a code on it and tells them that all they need to do to enter is scan it with their Messenger App (1.4 billion people now have the App installed n their smartphones!)...

restaurant marketing chatbot

The image above is an example of a Messenger code... 

Each diner that scans your code (takes seconds) is then taken to a new chat inside their Messenger app.  Your BOT asks them to confirm that they want to enter your competition, as soon as they respond they are ADDED as a Subscriber to your restaurant in Messenger.

You can now send them future messages to their phones, the open rates are much higher than email opens.

When they confirm that they want to enter, your BOT asks them to confirm their email address for you to send the competition details to (Facebook pre-populates the email field), so now you have them as an email subscriber too!

As a thankyou for entering your competition you now offer them a Voucher that they can use in January or February to incentivise them to return to your restaurant (remember many of your December diners will be first timers with you).

It's hugely important that you incentivise December diners to come back in the new year when typically fewer people go out to eat.  This is where so many restaurant owners go wrong, they literally let all of their new customers in December walk out the door and never see them again.


Ok so let's get back to your BOT's conversation and see how it moves on...

It promises to deliver the Voucher in the next 24 hours to your customer.

Now at this point, just before it says goodnight and leaves the person to enjoy the rest of their evening, it can ask them for one more favour...

Either ask them to "Check-In" to your restaurant on Facebook so that all of their friends get to see where they are eating (free publicity for you), or it can ask them to share one of your Christmas promotional posts on their Facebook timelines...  my preference would be the Check In as that is really quick and easy to do and not a big ask.

Now let's move forward 24 hours to the next day...

Your customer's phone beeps.  They open it up and see a Messenger Alert, they have a new message.  Guess who it's from?

It's your BOT working hard on your behalf...

Their new message opens in Messenger chat and thanks them for dining with you the night before.

Then it delivers their Discount Voucher for them to use.  It asks them if they mind you following up with them in the New Year with a reminder for them to use it.  If they say "that's fine" a new Sequence of messages is automated to trigger in 4 weeks time (more on this in a moment).

Before your BOT wishes them a Merry Christmas, it asks them to rate their dining experience with you.  If they award your 4 or 5 stars, then they are asked to leave a Review on Facebook to help boost your reputation.

If they rate you less than 4 stars they are then asked to give details of what was wrong and are asked for their phone number for you to contact them.

For those that had a great time with you, your BOT can ask them to LIke your page or Share one of your Promotional posts on their timelines.  Then it wishes them a Merry Christmas on your behalf.

How cool is that?

But we're not done yet.

4 weeks later your BOT is back to work on Autopilot, asking your customers if they've booked to use their Vouchers yet?  It gives them the opportunity to book a table.  If they don't then it can ask permission to follow up again.  When they do finally Redeem the voucher it can ask again for ratings, likes and shares.

You can also use your BOT to broadcast the winner of your Festive Competition!

If you'd like to see a Restaurant BOT in action, then watch this DEMO video now...

Building Your 2019 Audience and Growing Your Turnover...

So it's January 2nd and it's the start of another year.  But this year you have a massive head start on previous years because you already have a list of customers in possession of vouchers ready to be redeemed...

Now it's time to grow your audience further and engage them.

How about a competition on Facebook (if you've read our Free Restaurant Marketing Blueprint you'll know how powerful competitions are for getting engagement).  We can start the process off with your Messenger Subscribers, Email lists and current Facebook page followers.  Free direct messages to their inboxes and then ads on Facebook to get them entering and sharing via your Chatbot.

Just as in December, you can also use Messenger Codes in your restaurant to get your January diners entered and sharing as well.

The magic happens when entrants share your competition with their friends and family, your audience takes off and your BOT gives each of them Vouchers to come through your door on your quieter evenings.

As your audience grows then Facebook finds it easier to show your promotions to the right people, improving the returns on your ad spend.

Use monthy competitions, promotions and special events to keep bringing customers in on virtual autopilot with your BOT doing the hard work for you!

Hopefully now you can see why December is the perfect time to set your own BOT to work in your restaurant with so many diners coming through to jump start your new year!

Now for the really good news...

Right now we're offering an incredible deal...

We're waiving our current Set-Up fees, so you can save from £995 if you sign-up before December 1st!

You simply pay £399/mth for our Ultimate Bot package, no set up fee, no tie-ins.

As above in your first month (December) we set up and run your Diners Only competition and give away your Vouchers.  Then from month 2 (January) onwards we spend £100 on Ads each month for you to promote your Competitions and Special Offers as we've talked about above... and of course we use your BOT to collect reviews and manage your reputation... 

This is an incredible deal and these prices will not be repeated again... take advantage now and give it a trial with no tie-ins and watch as your new BOT transforms your restaurant!

Learn more and SIGN UP TODAY here...

About the Author

Richard is a Marketing Consultant and Partner with Taylor Cook Restaurant Consultancy...

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